Wayne’s Winnings

Thanks for asking about Papa; it is reassuring to be reminded that readers are looking out for Papa’s best interest just as we are.  Papa won our bracket,  friends want to make sure he received his award and they are curious as to exactly what his prize was.

As both the Bookmaker and Commissioner of Marocco Mayhem,  I manage the bets and distribute the winnings at the end of the tournament.  I am open to prize suggestions from that year’s champion with the stipulation being that the prize must be within reason.  I may take their suggestion, or I may decide on an entirely different suitable award.  I may not know the teams, or even how to guess very well, but I have full control by being the Big Bookie for our Bracket.

Wayne's Winnings
Wayne’s Winnings

In addition to bragging rights for an entire year, Papa requested a Dark Chocolate Milk Shake with whipped cream from Bobby’s Burger Palace.  This seemed reasonable.  Papa loves chocolate, he loves ice cream and he loves the straws at this place, which are close to an inch in diameter.   It is a great shake!  We threw in a burger and some sweet potato fries and he was set.  Papa could not have been happier with his winnings unless he had happened to pick perfectly and meet Warren Buffet.

There is always next year for the rest of us.  When you are looking for the Perfect Pool to join, think back to Marocco Mayhem and I will spot you a free entry just like everyone else.   My only rule is that as Commissioner I take a 20% vigorish of your winnings if you are so lucky as to guess each game flawlessly.

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  1. I am a huge Bobby Flay Fan….I was not there for opening day, however, I was there a few weeks ago and you are right about the sweet potato fries. Awesome….I’m glad to read the Papa is doing well! God Bless you both…

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