Sharing the (Shirts) Peace

New routines are nothing more than consistency.  It has only been a few weeks, but Papa is doing well with some of some of our practices and is slowly making new habits of his own.  On Saturday evening before going to bed he picks out what he will be wearing to church the next morning and checks with Doug to make sure it looks ok.  This Saturday was no different.

Sunday morning came and I made breakfast for the two of us while Doug was working out.  Papa was running a bit late so when he came down and asked me how he looked I said, “Great!  Time to eat,” after all Doug had approved his attire the night before.  Papa ate, Doug finished his workout and got ready, and we raced out the door.

Papa enjoys church, but he really lights up each week when he is allowed to wander up and down the aisle sharing the Peace with others in our congregation. He has felt comfortable and fit right into this routine from his first visit to our church.  He is able look closely at adults as he shakes their hands, and say hello to most of the children in our congregation.  My hope is that this is helping him to recognize a few new names and faces.

This morning as he was walking back to our pew Doug and I looked closely and realized he was wearing a pajama shirt.  How could we have missed this???   We both giggled and hoped that it was close enough to a casual shirt that maybe no one would notice.  Doug glanced over several times during the rest of the service and whispered back to me that was not the shirt they picked out last night.

Papa laughed on the drive home when we explained he was wearing a pajama shirt.  He said the other shirt didn’t fit when he put it on this morning so he picked out something similar.  Both shirts were blue, long sleeved and buttoned up the front; in that respect they were similar.  And although one was found in his dresser vice hanging in his closet he figured it had pockets in it so it could be worn as a shirt.

I am not sure how many people actually noticed what Papa was wearing, but one member of our congregation happened to make the comment that his wife dresses him also or he would walk out of the house wearing pajamas.   I will definitely pay more attention now when he asks How do I look?

Once we were home we asked Papa where the shirt was that they had chosen for him to wear today, there is no sense keeping a shirt in his closet if it doesn’t fit.  He pulled it out of his closet and after careful examination Doug realized it was his size, and was put back into his closet where it belonged.

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