Meet Sandy

My wife Sandy has served in many significant roles over our 30 year marriage including Wife, Mother, Child Care Provider, Family Cheerleader, Chef, Baker, Candle Stick Maker and for the past decade a Security Manager for a Defense Contractor. She has selflessly supported our family never skipping a beat when something new comes her way.  The most recent role that has been added to all the other things she already does is becoming the Primary Care Giver to my father Wayne, or Papa as the rest of the family affectionately calls him.   Although each of Sandy’s titles has been rewarding, Raising Papa may prove to be more difficult than all the others as life has come full circle with my dad needing to be taken care of instead of doing the caring.

Stay tuned with Sandy as she writes about both the joys and the challenges of what life is like while we are Raising Papa.

Thank you Sandy, our life is better because of you.

I love you,


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