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Ascent Audiology & Hearing:  http://www.ascentaudiologydumfries.com/

We chose this local office for the convenience when Papa had issues with his hearing aid.  Dr. Amy Goodwine and has a kind and caring demeanor and both her and her staff have gone out of their way to assist us in repairing a device in which they do not even support, AND providing a loaner while it was being repaired.   This is an exceptional office who have always made us their priority any time we have stepped in their door.

Cobble Hill Puzzles:   http://www.cobblehillpuzzles.com/

Jigsaw puzzles help to improve problem solving skills, boost self-esteem and also provide wonderful family time.  Puzzles help encourage free conversation at our house, Papa can concentrate on looking for a piece and continue a conversation without always looking directly at a person and being at a loss for words.  These puzzles are affordable, have beautiful pictures, high quality boards with random cut pieces that come in a large variety of piece shapes and sizes. Cobble Hill is a division of Outset Media, and they are truly a top-notch company.


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  1. Thanks for posting this blog on the challenges you face. Doug and I work in the same building at and when I mentioned to him that my mom is in the early-to-mid stage of Alzheimer’s, he told me about your blog. I think my mom will have to move in with us very soon and I am looking for ways to better prepare myself and my family for the transition. It is helpful to see the perspective of others and learn from them.

    1. Thanks Jim! I am sorry to hear about your mom, memory loss is always the most difficult for the person experiencing it, especially in the early stages. This is definitely a learning process for all of us, and we feel truly blessed that we are able to have Papa close by. We always try to put ourselves in Papa’s shoes, so to speak, to understand his thoughts and needs and this is definitely helping to teach us a different perspective on life. Please feel free to let us know if you have any advice or suggestions to help make his life, or ours, a bit easier.
      Thanks for reading and following Papa!!

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