Mincemeat Pie

IMG_7047Papa fell walking up the stairs on Tuesday.  Recently we have been following him as he walks up or down the stairs but on this one occasion I walked in and he was comfortable in his chair so I continued upstairs after saying HI not knowing he would decide to follow me several minutes later.  My heart stopped as soon as I heard him tumble backwards hitting his head on the tile floor.   People who understand me and my beliefs will know I always try to look for the positive in every situation.  I will update everyone on Papa’s prognoses, we still do not know where Papa will be or what will happen tomorrow, but this Thanksgiving holiday I am thankful for:

  • That fact that both Doug and I were home when Papa fell, I cannot bear to imagine if he had been home alone.
  • That Papa never lost consciousness and was able to move, even though we didn’t let him. We didn’t want him to see the blood.
  • The 911 operator, who quickly listened to me and called in units to our house.
  • The seven paramedics who were able to squeeze into our small hallway and put a compression dressing on his head wound, strap him to a back board and carry him out. It was like clowns tumbling out of a small car but they were coming into our home…there were two, then four, then five and when I could not imagine any more help the sixth and seventh paramedic walked in.
  • Our wonderful neighbors who came over to see what happened and if they could be of any assistance and have continued to checked on him daily. You guys are the best!
  • The crew chief who let me ride in the front of the ambulance transporting him to our local hospital.
  • The thrill of watching I-95 rush hour traffic part like the Red Sea as the experienced driver rushed us to the hospital.
  • The nurses and doctors who assessed his situation and stitched his laceration before sending him for an MRI. I have never seen so much blood or so many large clots and must have gasped and stepped back against the wall at one point.  The doctor laughed and assured me they were just clots.  The entire scenario made me think of our dear friend Dr. Dennis and I now truly understand his blood injury phobia.  I could tell as he walked in that Doug had the same thought when he saw the wall peppered with bright red streaks running down.
  • The decision to transfer him to a larger facility with a Trauma ICU and a neurosurgeon on hand if needed when they noticed a small internal bleed on the MRI.
  • The two sweet paramedics who transported him on his second ambulance ride for the evening, with Doug along for this ride.
  • The amazing INOVA Fairfax Medical Campus. I cannot find words to describe how beautiful this new state of the art facility truly is.
  • My friends who kept texting me to see how we were, where we were, and what we needed.
  • The fact that I can laugh at myself at 3:30 am as we were leaving the hospital after Papa was settled in his room and I was attempting to put my parking slip in an ATM machine before Doug found the parking kiosk.
  • The medical team in the Trauma ICU. Cheerful and attentive nurses who called Papa handsome ad told him he was their favorite patient.
  • My close friends and our church family who have called and sent messages offering their thoughts and prayers.
  • The cards that Will and Annalee made to brighten Papa’s day.
  • My entire family, who has called and texted numerous times to see how Papa is doing, I love you.
  • IMG_7039The fact that Papa was transferred to the Intermediate Care Unit (a step down unit) on Thanksgiving evening so we were able to bring him a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner. We could not coax Papa to eat more than a bite or two of his meal, but he smiled when he saw what we brought him for dessert.  Papa often talks about how his mom used to make him mincemeat pie.  Not many people like it, but I do.  Why don’t more people like it? You can’t find it anywhere.    We have had a running joke for years, what is it made of?  To which I would respond little minces of course.
  • IMG_7048With everything that happened over the past week, Papa was most thankful for his mincemeat pie. I will make sure to keep baking mince pies whenever he asks.

Endnote:  I am also thankful for Allison and Christina coming home, the dynamic of our home changes to a different excitement as you bring up various discussion topics, sometimes I believe just to hear your dad’s responses.  For anyone who watches SNL, I only had to pull up Adele’s Hello for Doug to hear on one occasion.



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  1. Sorry to hear about Papa’s fall, but it’s good to hear he’s doing better. You and Doug are special people. I’ve always known that and I’m glad that I know you. God bless !

  2. I am going thru similar things with my mother, and your posts make me feel like I am not alone. Thank you! And prayers for Papa’s recovery.

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