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Wayne Richard Marocco was born on December 8, 1933 to first generation Italian parents. He was the third child of six raised in the suburban Chicago neighborhood of Waukegan, Illinois. Growing up as the youngest boy of the first half of Marocco children meant competing with his older brothers in everything they did and of course wearing hand-me-down clothes and playing with hand me-down-toys. Don’t forget, this is just a few years after height of the great depression so life was not easy.

A stern upbringing helped shape the Marocco children who eventually added two more sons and a daughter to their family. The age difference was enough that Wayne fondly remembers taking care his younger three siblings and changing a lot of diapers, he frequently reminds us they were not the disposable diaper; having a sister finally meant that his diaper changing days were off limits. He and his siblings had different interests growing up and as they eventually left the Marocco home they were well on their way to fulfilling various dreams and occupations.

Wayne was drawn to the garage and cars from an early age. As a mechanic he worked under the hood of something for his entire career that spanned from a 13 year old fetching tools and draining oil to retirement at age 57. It is hard to believe with today’s seniors working well into their late 60’s and early 70’s that he was able to retire at such a young age. Once his last wrench was turned he was done, and did little else car related after that.

Raising Papa will fill in the lines that have made up the life of Wayne Marocco, and provide an insight of what he is currently going through. Many of his memories are related to being a young child, getting married, military service, but there are times that he fondly brings up memories of raising his own family, retirement, expanding the Marocco clan with two daughter-in-laws and grandchildren, and now a great-grand child. He is surprised every time it is mentioned that his non-working time spent as a youth or in retirement has now equaled the amount of time he spent working. Who would have thought that someone who barely made it through high school could have built such a successful life? In this case, success is measured more by those who love him than the money he has made, or spent, or as one niece warmly remembers that he has thrown out the window during his lifetime.

We hope that each Raising Papa story will touch you; that you can personally relate to Wayne’s stories whether you have already heard them to not, whether you know him or are just learning about him through his adventures, or whether you have a Nana or Papa you love and are caring for. ENJOY!

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  1. HI Sandy,
    I enjoyed reading this through today. There are so many details to the process of caregiver and you are beautifully and lovingly explaining these steps. As you have written, so much is involved that it is difficult to be prepared for everything that can happen, just like that of bringing up a child. Caring for your papa is an endearing endeavor that is sure to filled with many personal insights that are both a treasure to record as well as helpful for those on similar journeys.
    In addition to writing out your story, it would also be helpful to include in your categories a list of resources you have found helpful. Even regarding New Balance shoes. This way, others may view the specific care giver tips more quickly if they are not able to read the entire blog.
    These are just some initial thoughts to my dear friend!

    1. Anne,
      Thank you so much for your kind words and wonderful suggestion, I will definitely put that into place this week. Our daily journey is probably familiar to many families and while we are fortunate in that the encouragement and support we have received from others is truly amazing but I can understand how people could feel isolated or alone. Sometimes a simple suggestion or word of hope makes all the difference. Thanks again, I will always have my ears open to any thoughts you send my way.
      Forever my friend….

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