Breakfast at McDonalds – Part 2

I am very proud of Papa, he is not easily discouraged.  He woke up today and was ready to go back to McDonalds for breakfast after getting lost last week.  He left early, got in the car, turned on the GPS and drove 2.6 miles directly to McDonalds.  Sadly there were no old-timers in the restaurant today for him to talk to while he ate his breakfast.  But I have no doubt that he will try a few more times before he gives up and starts looking for another hangout.

As for the coupons, he didn’t use them today; Papa got the “Big Breakfast” instead.  He didn’t say it, but I believe it was a celebratory treat for an easy drive.

As for the GPS, he didn’t need it for the trip home, he remembered the correct route.  YEA Papa!!

As for tomorrow, let’s see if he makes another breakfast run to the Golden Arches.

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