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Papa does not walk as much as he did last year, but we make an effort to make sure he gets a bit of exercise in each and every day even if he isn’t looking forward to it. No, I don’t need to walk today or I walked yesterday are heard in addition to my feet are mushy. What does that mean Dad, do they hurt? No, they are mushy. They’re just not stable. I take a quick look at his feet before he puts on his shoes to see if they are swollen, or mushy, and hand him his shoe back. Boy, you’re tough; I am not going to change your mind about this walk today, am I? Shaking my head I ask him if he wants to take the long or the short loop and off we go.

Papa found a new TV station a couple weeks ago, ME TV on channel 462. He was raving one night at dinner about how he found the new station just by pushing buttons on the remote. It has great shows; I remember them from when I was younger.  We were pleasantly surprised that he had ventured away from the safety of his 4 proven networks and their violent SVU or CSI reruns.

downloadMemorable or ME TV is full of classic shows such as Make Room for Daddy, Gunsmoke, Car 54 Where are You, The Rifleman, or F Troop and many other shows that were filmed from 1950-1970. It is his new favorite station and every night as commercials air in between innings of the baseball game Papa quickly switches over to channel 462 for a few moments of The Andy Griffith or Danny Thomas Show or as I soon realized, the commercials that show up on that channel. After several days of channel hopping we heard, This is it! He found the As Seen on TV infomercial he wanted us to see.

The Foot Angel is an anti-fatigue compression sleeve. It claims to boost circulation, reduce swelling, and provide relief for achy feet. It is lightweight and comfortable and can even be worn to bed. Wow, even to bed! Isn’t this great! Do you think this might help with my mushy feet? To me it looked like a short, opened toe compression sock, and I wondered how many times he had seen the commercial. Doug just rolled his eyes as he finished folding the laundry, but Papa was sold on the Foot Angel. Last year Papa was prescribed 30/40 compression socks to wear daily, but just getting them over his very wide 11 ½ EEE foot and up his inflexible leg was enough of a workout that Doug broke out in a sweat and Papa was out of breath each time they were put on.   The cardiologist told us to make sure he wears them if he is traveling for a distance by car or plane, or for long walks, but if he can’t wear them every day he understands. I was skeptical that the Foot Angel would be any different but Papa was emphatic, I think I need those.

I looked them up online and found several stores locally that supply them and while Doug was doubtful he quietly went along with us. I figured if Papa thinks they will work that is good enough for me, and we were off to Walmart.   We spent over an hour on a Friday evening looking through the store with an anxious employee in search of the Heavenly Foot Angel. Correction: Papa spent 10 minutes and found a bench to sit and rest his mushy feet and Doug wandered off to see if they had any Nationals gear in the store. I looked in the pharmacy area by both the compression socks and foot inserts. I looked in the men’s and woman’s sock area. I looked by the workout gear and in the shoe department. I looked in the As Seen on TV aisle. I pulled out my ipad and showed an employee what the package looked like and when she finally tired of me she found her manager to assist the crazy patron. Before I threw in the towel I scanned what I had just renamed as the TV Crap Aisle one last time and finally found a pair, size small tucked under some empty boxes. Success! I ran over to show both Papa and Doug that they really do exist. You don’t think that pair will fit me? Doug rolled his eyes for a second time and I said no way Papa, this won’t even stretch over your big toe. Sadly we left Walmart without making a purchase and Papa wondered if he would ever find them.

Papa taking a shortcut through the cart entrance to rest his mushy feet.
Papa taking a shortcut through the cart entrance to rest his mushy feet.

It was getting late and I asked the guys if they wanted to stop atTarget on the way home. Simultaneously I heard ‘they are not going to have them’ and YES! On a mission for Papa I sided with the YES vote and pulled into the Target parking lot. Knowing where to look this time we quickly found an XL Foot Angel on the AS Seen on TV end cap. Papa smiled. I saw a visible pep in his step as we headed to the register. This would cure everything! No more mushy feet! By 8:45 we were home, tuned into the end of the baseball game and Doug was onto his 4th workout of the day squeezing Papa’s wide foot into his new Foot Angel foot sleeve. Papa loved them! My feet feel great! I am going to wear them to bed! I did not see it, but I imagined that Doug rolled his eyes for the third time that evening.

Saturday morning as Papa and I ate breakfast he asked, I was talking to my feet last night, did you hear me? No, what happened? I had to take my new socks off in the night, they were hurting my feet. I did a little talking to them because they didn’t come off too easy. I actually had to stifle a laugh and was thankful that Doug was working out so we didn’t hear his “I told you so”. The socks have been washed and are now hiding in the bottom of Papa’s sock drawer.

I still come home from work every day and if we don’t have a game Papa and I walk around the block or if it is too hot or humid we walk up and down the aisles of Target. I still hear, I don’t need to walk today or I walked yesterday or my feet are mushy. They just are not stable. But he has now added I am old; walking is going to kill me. To which I pleasantly reply that he has it backwards, not walking is going to kill him.

Papa has since moved on. Guess what I saw today, Brett Favre has some new copper socks that help tired feet. Do you think that will help me? Do you think we should get a pair? Thanks for the infomercial ME TV, but we are not rushing out to look for copper socks tonight, even if they work for Brett Favre.

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